SOAR telescope time exposure image

SOAR Telescope Time Exposure Image [Pin It] A time exposure view of the SOAR telescope observing at Cerro Pachon in Chile. CREDIT: Daniel Maturana/NOAO/AURA/NSF View full size image A powerful new ultraviolet laser that fires into the night sky is helping scientists take their most detailed look yet at a distant star cluster. A team…

Astronomers detect cries of a dying star

The signals, which came from a galaxy 3.9 billion light years away, were x-rays generated by matter heated to millions of degrees and torn apart as material from the star crosses the black hole’s event horizon.

A second Earth? Telescope finds solar system that mirrors ours – and offers hope that life could thrive on its worlds

First solar sytem where planets ‘line up’ like planets of solar system Most other planets found so far are ‘hot Jupiters’ – uninhabitable worlds that orbit too close to parent star Three planets orbit with planes aligned with equator of their sun Read more:–offers-hope-life-thrive-worlds.html#ixzz21iSrPknl