25 quintessential programming interview problems. Set A by Rui Ming

By Rui Ming

This booklet has 25 integral coding difficulties supplemented via C++ options excellent for technical interview arrangements for a software program Developer place at tech titans like Google, Microsoft, fb, Apple, Twitter, Amazon or many Silicon Valley startups.
This ebook offers you hand picked 25 fundamental coding difficulties (katas) that each software program Developer needs to completely understand how to resolve. the matter set covers uncomplicated facts constitution problem(s) (Linked checklist, Binary Tree, String, Array, HashTable), Bit Manipulations, Sorting, Numerical, Combinatorics and simple algorithms recommendations akin to grasping set of rules and Divide-and-Conquer.
Each challenge is observed through a operating and concise C++ resolution, non-compulsory illustrations, research and attempt instances. we try to maintain the suggestions fresh, uncomplicated, and concise. also, comparable diversifications to the issues also are supplied for every given challenge. many of the difficulties awarded during this e-book require readers to have uncomplicated familiarity with algorithms taught in an undergraduate point algorithms classification and a operating wisdom of C++ programming language and easy familiarity with STL library.

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4,3,2,1} – list with more than two items with/without cycle Solution Use two pointers, one pointer moves twice faster than the other one. If a cycle exists, they will meet. = nullptr) { runner = runner->next; cur = cur->next; } } return false; } IsPalindrome(string) Problem Test if a given string a palindrome. “abccba” is an example of palindrome. “racecar” is another palindromic string. “abcde” is not a palindrome. Variation 1: Given a string with white spaces and alpha-numerics characters, test that a string “a1b c b2a” is a palindrome.

Sorting each word requires O(k log k) on average. Hence for n words, the complexity is O(n k log k). Can you think a solution that can give us a better complexity under O(nk log k). HINTS: O(nk). Chapter 3: Problems & Solutions Reverse Singly (Linked List) Problem Given a singly Linked List, reverse the next pointer to point to the previous node and return the new head that points to the tail of the original Linked List. Variation 1: Reverse Doubly Linked List Illustration Figure 1. LinkedList before and after reversal.

Variation 1: write an O(n^2) algorithm to return all triplets that sum to k. Variation 2: write an O(n^3) algorithm to return all quadruplets that sum to k. LRU Cache Design and implement data structure for LRU (Least Recently Used) Cache. It should support two main operations: get and set. Variation 1: find the first non-repeating character from an ASCII string. For example the first non-repeating character from string “abcafdce” is ‘b’. ‘f’ is the second non-repeating character. Rotate (Array) Design and implement algorithm to rotate an array of integers of size n; k positions to the right.

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