A History of Japanese Buddhism by Kenji Matsuo

By Kenji Matsuo

This primary significant learn in English on eastern Buddhism by way of one among Japan's such a lot extraordinary students within the box of spiritual reports is to be commonly welcomed. the focus of the paintings is at the culture of the monk (o-bo-san) because the major agent of Buddhism, including the historic procedures wherein clergymen have constructed eastern Buddhism because it seems to be immediately.

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570) and Umako 馬子 (d. ) and Moriya 守屋 (d. 587), opposed its introduction. It is notable that people understood the Buddha as a foreign god, or a visiting god, that had mystic power to bring about both blessings and divine punishments. at the time, Buddhism was not considered a universal religion capable of responding to an individual’s particular anxieties. Two types of religion Here, we should take a moment to consider the two general types of religion found in the world today. these 16 03 Chapter 02 HJB:Master Testpages HJB 10/10/07 11:21 Page 17 Ancient Buddhism – Official Monks religions have universal qualities that can be spread across many borders and claim to go beyond differences in race, ethnic background, nationality, gender or occupation.

The Enryakuji ordination was authorized as an official ordination by the emperor after saicho#’s death. Buddhism, therefore, can be largely categorized into Hinayana Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism. the former aims only for personal enlightenment while the latter aims not only for personal enlightenment but also the salvation of others. the monk who belongs to the former is called a ‘sho#mon monk’, and the one who belongs to the latter is called a ‘Bosatsu monk’. saicho# defined Enryakuji to be a temple of Mahayana Buddhism and considered all the monks living there to be Bosatsu monks.

He is also known for having sculpted images and copied the sutra. Notes 1 H. Byron Earhart, Religion in the Japanese Experience (1)37. However, some recent research has questioned the very existence of Prince sho#toku, suggesting that he was an idealized fabrication. as documentary resources of ancient Japan are very limited, there are few incidents and episodes of which we can be certain. the same is true regarding figures such as Jesus Christ. It is only the legends collected in the Gospels and handed down to early churches that tell about Jesus Christ; consequently, some research papers 2 42 03 Chapter 02 HJB:Master Testpages HJB 10/10/07 11:21 Page 43 Ancient Buddhism – Official Monks doubting his existence have been published.

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