A Manual of reactor laboratory experiments by D. A. Daavettila, Argonne National Laboratory, U.S. Atomic

By D. A. Daavettila, Argonne National Laboratory, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission

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C r i t i c a l ? S u p e r c r i t i c a l ? 5. A s s u m i n g a s u b c r i t i c a l a s s e m b l y containing a s o u r c e of t h e r m a l neutrons of strength Q, establish the r e l a t i o n s h i p between s o u r c e m u l t i p l i c a t i o n of the s y s t e m and its k e f f in the steady state. 6. C o n v e n t i o n a l l y , the r e c i p r o c a l of counting rate at a f i x e d p o s i t i o n in the a s s e m b l y is plotted v e r s u s amount of fuel o r v e r s u s withdrawal of p o i s o n .

Water m o d e r a t o r and r e f l e c t o r dumping. d. Inert gas i n j e c t i o n in c o r e . II. Scram-initiating Features: a. H i g h - l e v e l , l o w - l e v e l , and p e r i o d t r i p s . b. H i g h - b a c k g r o u n d m o n i t o r s , and p e r sonnel a l a r m . c . E x p e r i m e n t a l f a c i l i t i e s and top shield interlocks. d. Manual III. Startup: Manual; automatic o p e r a t i o n at p o w e r available. P r i m a r y Coolant Fluid: Circulation: a. D i r e c t i o n of f l o w : b.

G l o r y hole passing through the c e n t e r of c o r e at c o r e median plane. F o u r , 4 - i n . d i a m e t e r a c c e s s p o r t s passing through the graphite r e f l e c t o r tangential to the c o r e . T h e r m a l c o l u m n tank above the c o r e . Neutron S o u r c e R a ( B e ) s o u r c e utilizing (a,n) r e a c t i o n ; 10 m g of R a m i x e d h o m o g e n e o u s l y with Be p o w d e r . d. 14% A k / k / c m 2 Pertinent Figures (a) C o n t r o l R o d C a l i b r a t i o n Given in F i g .

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