Accreted Terranes of the North Cascades Range, Washington: by Rowland W. Tabor, Ralph A. Haugerud, Edwin H. Brown, R.

By Rowland W. Tabor, Ralph A. Haugerud, Edwin H. Brown, R. Scott Babcock, Robert B. Miller

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Published by means of the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Field journey Guidebooks Series.

The Cascade diversity is an energetic north-trending volcanic arc on the western fringe of North the United States (Figure 1). on the northern finish of the diversity, among 47°N and 49°N, the typical elevation raises, peaks develop into sharper, quite a few small glaciers live to tell the tale at the larger slopes, and volcanic rocks of the Cascade arc are scarce. This quarter is the North Cascades variety. The North Cascades are bounded at the west via the fore-arc basin of the Puget Lowland, at the south via the arc volcanic rocks of the significant Cascades, and at the southeast through the back-arc flood basalts of the Columbia Plateau. The geologic identification of the variety isn't so sincerely outlined to the north, however it is geographically bounded at the northeast through the Okanogan levels and at the northwest via the Fraser River, which separates the Cascades from the Coast Mountains.


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4) Ridge crest (-2220 mn280'). Excellent views of peaks to the west of Lake Chelan (Figure 11). Enter Lake Chelan National Recreation Area. Collecting rock samples is not pennitted within the North Cascades National Park and Recreation Complex. Please put your hammers away to avoid temptation. 6) Stop 3-3 As the trail begins to descend to the west, continue straight (north) along the ridge (Figure 92). Here, in the Gabriel Peak tectonic belt, the Lake Juanita leucogneiss unit is in contact with the probable southern continuation of the Gabriel Peak Orthogneiss of Misch [1966].

Adams [1961] called these rocks "spotted granofels" and noted that the light-colored spots were equant in undefonned rock and elongate spindles where deformed, with length:width ratios as high as 4: 1. Orientations of the spindles are the same as other stretching lineations in T307: 39 the Skagit Gneiss (see Section III). We have noted similar rocks throughout the Skagit as far north as Elephant Butte (Figure 9-4). The spots are largely quartz and plagioclase, locally with minor chlorite, commonly with a grain of yellow sphene in the center (may not be visible at this outcrop), and are slightly bounded by aligned tangential subidioblastic plagioclase crystals.

Albian and older sub-Virginian Ridge strata are marine and east-derived [Barksdale, 1975; Tennyson and Cole, 1978]. Albian and Cenomanian strata of the Virginian Ridge Fonnation were derived from the west and deposited in fluvial, deltaic, and shallow-marine settings [Trexler, 1985]. Virginian Ridge strata interfinger to the east with non-marine arkose of the Winthrop Sandstone (seen at Stop 2-2). Both units grade up into the subaerial Midnight Peak Fonnation of Barksdale [1948]; collectively, the three units are laterally equivalent to the Pasayten Group recognized in Manning Park to the north [Coates, 1974; Tennyson and Cole, 1978].

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