Ace Your Weather Science Project by Robert Gardner

By Robert Gardner

Learn approximately barometers, humidity, snowflakes, and extra with the nice climate technological know-how experiments during this ebook. Authors Robert Gardner and Salvatore Tocci consultant readers via their top climate technology experiments utilizing full-color illustrations. Many experiments comprise rules for a student's technology reasonable.

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Did your barometer work? Science Fair Project Idea An alternative to using a barometer is to use a chemical solution and filter paper to forecast the weather. Some chemicals change color, depending on whether or not they contain water. Such chemicals are known as hydrated salts. Use the library and the Internet for information on these salts. Choose one to prepare a solution that you can apply to filter paper. Apply several coats of solution, allowing the paper to dry between each application. Observe its color.

Just as expansion causes a gas to cool, so compression will cause a gas to become warmer. To see this effect, use an air pump to force compressed air across the bulb of a thermometer. What happens to the temperature? In a diesel engine the compression of the fuel vapor produces a temperature high enough to ignite the vapor. As a result, diesel engines, unlike gasoline engines, do not have spark plugs. 8 Air Pressure Materials: an adult pail or sink water drinking glass index card one-gallon metal can with cap or rubber stopper to fit opening stove pot holders or oven mitts cardboard sheet or heatproof mat To see that air really does exert a pressure, try these experiments.

Perhaps more water can dissolve in hot air than in cold air. At any temperature there is a limit to the amount of sugar that will dissolve in a liter of water. When this limit is reached, we say the solution is saturated. If the temperature of a saturated sugar solution decreases, the water cannot hold as much sugar. The sugar in excess of saturation falls out of solution. Is the same true of water in the atmosphere? To test this idea, slowly lower the temperature of some warm water in a shiny metal can.

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