ACI 305R-10: Guide to Hot Weather Concreting by ACI Committee 305

By ACI Committee 305

Environmental components, similar to excessive ambient temperature, low humidity, excessive wind, or either low humidity and excessive wind, have an effect on concrete houses and the development operations of combining, transporting, and putting of the concrete fabrics. This consultant presents measures that may be taken to reduce the bad results of those environmental components and decrease the possibility of severe problems.

This advisor defines sizzling climate, discusses power difficulties, and provides practices meant to reduce them. those practices comprise picking out fabrics and proportions, precooling components, and batching. different issues mentioned contain size of haul, attention of concrete temperature as positioned, amenities for dealing with concrete on the website, and, in the course of the early curing interval, putting and curing concepts, and acceptable checking out and inspection approaches in sizzling climatic conditions. The fabrics, methods, qc measures, and inspections defined during this rfile could be demonstrated, monitored, or played as appropriate basically by means of contributors preserving the fitting ACI certifications or similar.

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