Ancient Science: 40 Time-Traveling, World-Exploring, by Jim Wiese

By Jim Wiese

Dig into the technological know-how of precedent days and unearth notable discoveries!
* have you questioned the place paper comes from, who made the 1st identified maps, or how the traditional Egyptians have been capable of construct the pyramids?
* do you want to make your personal sundial, become aware of find out how to notice earthquakes, or discover ways to write in hieroglyphics?
* Are you searching for nice rules to your subsequent technological know-how reasonable venture?

If you spoke back "Yes" to any of those questions, then old technology is for you! From Greek lighthouses and Roman bridges to chinese language kites and Mesopotamian cleaning soap, you'll examine a few of the maximum medical discoveries and the folk who brought them to the realm. Dozens of fun-packed actions assist you see for your self how the earliest people cultivated vegetation, why tools make assorted sounds, how fireworks get their explosive energy, and lots more and plenty extra. the entire initiatives are secure and simple to do, and all you would like is daily stuff from round the condo. So step again in time and take an grand trip with historical technological know-how!

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Experiments on Cosmic Dust Analogues: Proceedings of the Second International Workshop of the Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte (OAC 2), held at Capri, Italy, September 8–12, 1987

Astrophysical research with regards to reliable topic calls for facts on homes and procedures. Such information, even if, expecially applicable to area stipulations are commonly missing. It seemed then very tempting to collect jointly experimentalists, ob­ servers and theoreticians operating within the box of cosmic airborne dirt and dust and in comparable components.

Two-Person Bargaining Experiments with Incomplete Information

Examine the next state of affairs: A venture yielding a gross revenue of a hundred is out there to 2 organizations. The venture can merely be performed through a cooperation of the 2 companies. No company is ready to behavior the venture by myself. so one can obtain the venture the companies need to agree at the allocation of the gross revenue.

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If you use an aquarium pump, as in More Fun Stuff to Do, you achieve the same results, only you use a mechanical device to do the work. This is similar to the way air is pumped to divers in more modern diving bells and diving suits. ANCIENT SCIENCE IN ACTION The diving bell was an early invention to help humans extend their time under water. Divers swam into these submerged bells to get air so they didn’t have to return to the surface for each breath. E. Since then, the diving bell with an air tube running to the surface has been modified into the diving suit.

These lines were developed into the latitude and longitude lines that we see on modern maps. E. The ancient Romans improved on map techniques by producing road maps with towns and cities clearly marked. This made travel between cities much easier. PROJECT 4 Money, Money, Money o one knows when people first started using Nobjects such as shells, stones, and animal bones as money. The first metallic money appears to have been small bronze pieces used in Mesopotamia. The earliest coins came from Lydia (modern western Turkey) and were made from electrum, a natural alloy (mixture) of gold and silver.

To learn more about the ancient Egyptians and the science they studied, try the activities in this chapter. PROJECT 1 Sticking Together lue is something we use all the time. But did you know that it was discovered thousands of years ago? Although no one knows who first discovered glue, the ancient Egyptians were known to have made glue by boiling together animal skin, bone, tendon, and ligaments. The goo that resulted when the water was boiled off was used to stick things like cloth and papyrus together.

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