AP Chinese Language and Culture by Yan Shen

By Yan Shen

This brand-new guide prepares scholars for an issue that has simply been additional to the complex Placement software. Separate sections assessment all components of the recent examination: Listening, interpreting, Grammar, talking, and tradition. every one part additionally contains workouts, and the listening and analyzing sections contain perform questions with solution keys and solution reasons. The e-book displays the AP exam's criteria, providing questions in either conventional and simplified chinese language characters. full-length perform assessments are provided with resolution keys.

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Sample text

For short multiple-choice answers, quickly looking over them may be sufficient to obtain the relevant information. However, for long multiple-choice answers, vertically scanning the list of choices may help students identify the differences between the choices. For example: 1. indd 33 Swimming Cycling Running Hunting 6/26/2009 2:36:29 PM 34 AP Chinese Language and Culture 2. (A) (B) (C) (D) A single room A double room A room on the second floor A room on the third floor 3. (A) The man had gone home.

When did the second bus leave on Saturday morning? (A) 7:30 (B) 8:00 (C) 9:00 (D) 9:30 Students must listen carefully for the two hard parts of the problem: “‫ࠟޢ‬ଡ՛ழ ԫᔉ” (“耮ϸϾᇣᯊϔ䍳”) and “ࡌ‫ֺؓأ‬ൄඡ‫ת‬ଡ՛ழ” (“਼᳿↨ᑇᐌᰮञϾᇣ ᯊ”). Students must also notice “the second bus” and “Saturday” in the question. Using this information, students can select the correct answer, (D). To do so, a deduction in two steps needs to take place: 1) “‫ڰ֚ޢ‬Ղ7រ࿇߫” (“耮詏裣芟7⚍ থ䔺”) and “‫ࠟޢ‬ଡ՛ழԫᔉ” (“耮ϸϾᇣᯊϔ䍳”) indicate that the second bus is at 9:00 am; 2) “ࡌ‫ֺؓأ‬ൄඡ‫ת‬ଡ՛ழ” (“਼᳿↨ᑇᐌᰮञϾᇣᯊ”) indicates that the bus is a half hour late on the “Saturday” in question, so the correct answer is 9:30 am.

Video games are dangerous. By scanning the question and answer choices, students will see that (A) and (D) have negative connotations, (C) has a neutral connotation, and (B) has a positive connotation. The scanning process should help students predict that (C) might be the correct answer since it covers both positive, (B), and negative, (A) and (D), aspects associated with playing video games. The first sentence, “ሽ՗ཾᚭኙԳଚ ‫س‬੒ऱ‫ٺ‬ଡֱ૿ຟ‫ڶ‬ᐙ᥼”(“⬉ᄤ␌៣ᇍҎӀ⫳⌏ⱘ৘Ͼᮍ䴶䛑᳝ᕅડ”), which has a neutral connotation, supports (C).

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