Archipel et Nord by Claude Simon

By Claude Simon

Parus en 1974 dans les revues finlandaises, Archipel et Nord sont des poèmes en prose issus d'un voyage dans les airs, sur terre et sur mer. Archipel survole le « tissu de prés de bois de champs parallèles ». Les mots, les fragments de words sont éparpillés sur l. a. plage comme les îlots de « fin-land suo-mi : terre des marais ». Comme dans toute son œuvre, ici aussi Claude Simon est peintre. Les couleurs, les jeux de lumière, de nuages, le liquide et le végétal sont rendus avec une précision fluide. Sous le ventre de l"avion, c’est tout un monde de feu, de monstres issus des mythologies nordiques. Nord est une expérience existentielle, éclatée dans le poème, words interrompues par les croquis de villes, de maisons, rythmée de noms de lieux scandés avec jubilation : Sevettjärvi, Tcherksii, Anatyrle Baïkal… Un monde à l. a. Tchekhov qui renvoie pourtant à « comme quelque selected de sudiste », à cette Méditerranée d’où vient l’auteur. Qui avance sans bruit « dans l’enfance dans los angeles vieillesse su monde ».

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But inasmuch as reason already persuadesme that I ought no less carefully to withhold my assent from matters which are not entirely certain and indubitable than from those which appear to me manifestly to be false,if I am able to lind in each one some reason to doubt, this will su{ficeto justify my rejecting the whole. And for that end it will not be requisite that I should examine each in particular, which would be an endlessundertaking; for owing to the fact that the destruction of the foundations of necessity brings with it the downfall of the rest of the edifice,I shall only in the first place attack those principles upon which all my former opinions rested.

E. suspendmy judgment], and with firm purpose avoid giving credenceto any false thing, or being imposedupon by this arch deceiver,however powerful and deceptivehe may be. But this task is a laborious one, and insensibly a certain lassitude leads me into the course of my ordinary life. And just as a captive who in sleep enjoys an imaginary liberty, when he begins to suspectthat his liberty is but a dream, fears to awaken, and conspireswith these agreeableillusions that the deceptionmay be prolonged,so insensibly of my own accord I fall back into my former opinions, and I dread awakening from this slumber, lest the laborious wakefulnesswhich would follow the tranquillity of this reposeshould have to be spent not in daylight, but in the excessivedarkness of the difficulties which have just been discussed.

But t do not yet know clearly enough what I am, I who am certain that I am; and hence I must be careful to see that I do not imprudently take some other object in place of myself, and thus that I do not go astray in respect of this knowledge that I hold to be the most certain and most evident of all that I have formerly learned. That is why I shall now consider anew what I believed myself to be before I embarked upon these last reflections;and of my former opinions I shall withdraw all that might even in a small degreebe invalidated by the reasons which I have just brought forward, in order that there may be nothing at all left beyond what is absolutely certain and indubitable.

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