Astrology, Karma & Transformation: The Inner Dimensions of by Stephen Arroyo

By Stephen Arroyo

Astrology, Karma & Transformation: the internal Dimensions of the start Chart

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All of these houses, therefore, correlate with the need to attain emotional peace and freedom from the past, and anyone with major emphasis on these houses in the natal chart has a need to bring to the surface the hauntings and fears generated by past experiences and to let these feelings be illuminated in full consciousness. Richard Ideman, an astrologer who has pioneered in reformulating astrological concepts in relation to psychological terminology, states that the water houses can be indicative of various types of fear: fear of returning to the helpless childhood state (IV), of social taboos (VIII), and of chaos (XII).

G. Jung, I have known that there is more to astrology than most astrological textbooks ever mention. In other words, I have always been intuitively aware of the fact that, behind the symbols and the archaic language of traditional astrology, there lies a vast realm of potential wisdom, deeper understanding of the very laws of life, and insights that can lead a devoted student to a more refined comprehension of the spiritual dimensions of experience. Hence, as I began to devour one astrological book after another, I immediately found myself searching for the deeper meanings of the symbols, the inner significance of this cosmic language which seemed to me to hold such great potential for spiritual growth and heightened awareness.

The harmonization mentioned above can only occur through the development of a higher awareness of the forces and urges involved. G. lung, in his studies of alchemy, often quotes the ancient alchemist dictum: tertium non datur, which means that the third factor (which alone can resolve the problem of opposites and personal conflicts) is not given. lung goes on to explain that a conflict is never resolved on the same level where it arises, but can be resolved only on a higher level, based on a higher perspective and level of consciousness.

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