Balkan holocausts?: Serbian and Croatian victim-centred by David Bruce Macdonald

By David Bruce Macdonald

Balkan Holocausts? compares and contrasts Serbian and Croatian propaganda from 1986 to 1999, studying each one group's modern interpretations of historical past and present occasions. It bargains an in depth dialogue of holocaust imagery and the historical past of victim-centered writing in nationalism thought, together with the hyperlinks among the comparative genocide debate, the so-called holocaust undefined, and Serbian and Croatian nationalism. No experiences on Yugoslavia have to date dedicated major house to such research.

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What was done is not forever lost. It may in the fullness of time repeat itself. Every myth is a story of death and rebirth, of an end or eschatos [sic; sc. ’20 Events in the past or present fit into a complex paradigm by which the world is viewed, thus claiming significance far beyond their present-day reality. 21 Dusˇan Kecˇmanovic´ has similarly discussed what he terms a ‘watershed’, or the ‘theme of the right moment’ in the life of a nation or group. ’22 Thus a nation that is partially destroyed or suppressed by a Fall may reawaken when the time is right.

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Linkages at different levels between nations and their religions can be of central importance in convincing members of nations that their consolidation into national units is somehow part of a divine plan, or the outcome of natural forces. The golden age of nationalism Certainly the most complete analysis of Golden Age mythology has been undertaken by Anthony Smith, although his zeal has led to a certain myopia. 32 Nationalism’s ability to create secular heroes, saints, and great leaders allows co-nationals to dream of a glorious destiny within their own national history.

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