Baptism, the New Testament, and the church : historical and by Stanley E. Porter, Anthony R. Cross

By Stanley E. Porter, Anthony R. Cross

The query of the which means and importance of baptism is explored from a few diverse views during this quantity. encouraged by way of the honoree of this quantity and his vital paintings at the topic, the participants process baptism from biblical, ancient, theological and sensible views. a few of the essays reconsider the well known biblical texts, feeling unfastened to probe their implications. Others tease out the consequences of the idea that of baptism in various contexts, either historic and glossy. individuals comprise Joel eco-friendly, Geoffrey Bromiley, Larry Kreitzer, John Nolland, Ramsey Michaels and J.D.G. Dunn.

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40; Griffiths, Apuleius ofMadauros, pp. 52, 298-99, 301, 304, 307. 27. Dunn, Romans 1-8, p. 310. 28. On this second point, see esp. Wedderburn, 'Hellenistic Christian Traditions', p. 345, and The Soteriology of the Mysteries', pp. 57-62. 29. Dunn (Romans 1-8, p. 310) cites Vidman, Isis und Osiris, p. 15, but surely misunderstands Vidman's argument. Although Vidman does rightly suggest that 'Der Osiriskult verbeitete sich also nicht gleichzeitig mit dem Isiskult' (p. 15), Dunn has ignored the thrust of Vidman's point here.

Mohr (Paul Siebeck), 1997], for a series of essays under the rubric of 'religions-historical', but which clearly betray a 'kinder, gentler' version than had developed by the mid-century) seems somewhat unfortunate, in that, although the methods and approach of the school were under serious need of rethinking, the subsequent rejection of the method has meant that much of the material with which it was concerned has also been regrettably left by the wayside. 3. G. Dunn, Romans 1-8 (WBC, 38a; Dallas: Word Books, 1988), p.

White, Biblical Doctrine, pp. 279-80. 20. White, Biblical Doctrine, pp. 281 -96. 21 The present essays all take up issues and areas of interest shared by Mr White, who wrote not only on baptism but on other subjects as well. The background to Christian baptism that White discussed in 1960 is taken up by Brook Pearson, while his interest in New Testament baptism is developed in the Gospels by John Holland, Edward Burrows, John Morgan-Wynne, Ramsey Michaels and Stanley Porter, in Acts by Joel Green, and in the Epistles by Anthony Cross, John Colwell and Larry Kreitzer, while Alastair Campbell and James Dunn examine the important question of baptism as a metaphor.

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