Basic mathematics for college students by Alan S. Tussy, Diane Koenig

By Alan S. Tussy, Diane Koenig

Supplying a uniquely glossy, balanced process, Tussy/Gustafson/Koenig's easy university arithmetic WITH EARLY INTEGERS, 5th variation, integrates the easiest of conventional drill and perform with the simplest parts of the reform circulate. To many developmental math scholars, arithmetic is sort of a international language. they've got trouble translating the phrases, their meanings, and the way they practice to challenge fixing. Emphasizing the "language of mathematics," the text's absolutely built-in studying technique is designed to extend scholars' reasoning talents and educate them easy methods to learn, write, and imagine mathematically. It blends educational techniques that come with vocabulary, perform, and well-defined pedagogy with an emphasis on reasoning, modeling, conversation, and expertise abilities.

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Twenty-six million, four hundred thirty-two 46. Ninety-two billion, eighteen thousand, three hundred ninety-nine 78. 34,209 79. 816,492 80. 535,600 Write each number in expanded form. See Example 4. 81. 296,500 47. 245 82. 498,903 48. 518 TRY IT YO URSELF 49. 3,609 50. 3,961 83. Round 79,593 to the nearest . . 51. 72,533 a. ten b. hundred 52. 73,009 c. thousand d. ten thousand 53. 104,401 84. Round 5,925,830 to the nearest . . 54. 570,003 a. thousand b. ten thousand 55. 8,403,613 c. hundred thousand d.

5,300 ft b. 5,000 ft STUDY SKILLS CHECKLIST Get to Know Your Textbook Congratulations. You now own a state-of-the-art textbook that has been written especially for you. The following checklist will help you become familiar with the organization of this book. Place a check mark in each box after you answer the question. Ⅺ Turn to the Table of Contents on page v. How many chapters does the book have? Ⅺ Each chapter has a Chapter Summary & Review. Which column of the Chapter 1 Summary found on page 113 contains examples?

8,403,613 c. hundred thousand d. million 56. 3,519,807 85. Round $419,161 to the nearest . . 57. 26,000,156 a. $10 b. $100 58. 48,000,061 c. $1,000 d. $10,000 Place an Ͻ or an Ͼ symbol in the box to make a true statement. See Example 5. 59. a. 11 8 60. a. 410 609 61. a. 12,321 62. a. 178,989 12,209 178,898 b. 29 54 b. 3,206 b. 23,223 b. 850,234 Round to the nearest ten. See Example 6. 63. 98,154 64. 26,742 65. 512,967 66. 621,116 Round to the nearest hundred. See Example 7. 67. 8,352 3,231 23,231 850,342 86.

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