Beginning PHP and MySQL 5: From Novice to Professional, by W. Jason Gilmore

By W. Jason Gilmore

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Unless there is a specific reason you don’t want the Apache documentation installed, choose Typical and click Next. Otherwise, choose Custom, click Next, and, on the next screen, uncheck the Apache Documentation option. 7. You’re prompted for the Destination folder. By default, this is C:\Program Files\Apache Group. Consider changing this to C:\, which will create an installation directory C:\Apache2\. Regardless of what you choose, keep in mind that the latter is used here for the sake of convention.

The language wasn’t originally intended to run enterprise-class Web sites, and subsequent attempts to do so caused the developers to rethink much of the language’s mechanics. The result was vastly improved resourcehandling functionality in version 4. • Object-oriented support: Version 4 incorporated a degree of object-oriented functionality, although it was largely considered an unexceptional implementation. Nonetheless, the new features played an important role in attracting users used to working with traditional object-oriented programming (OOP) languages.

4. A screen containing various items pertinent to the Apache server is displayed next. Take a moment to read through this information and then click Next. 5. You will be prompted for various items pertinent to the server’s operation, including the Network Domain, Server Name, and Administrator’s Email Address. If you know this information, fill it in now; otherwise, just use localhost for the first two items, and put in any e-mail address for the last. conf file. You’ll also be prompted as to whether Apache should run as a service for all users or only for the current user.

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