Britain and the Eastern Question: Missolonghi to Gallipoli by Gerald David Clayton

By Gerald David Clayton

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Dment. It wss, then, a n€r,sRussian policy with which Palmcrston had to deal; snd this goes some rvay to explaining the relatively fumbling nature of Palnerston's own policy in the Middle East up to 1833, and his slownessafterwsrds to adopt that outright protcction of Turkey with which he is usually associated. On Grcek independence, at any rate, Palme$ton had clear and precise aims. As soon as he took ofnce,instructions were sent to th€ British reprcsentative to delay Greek evacuation of arcas north of the Gulf of Co nth.

IIer fundament&l intcrcsts in EgWt *ould not aUo$,hcr to take part in outdght anti-Egyptian ection. Pulmerstonnowhadthe chancetomake a ncw tr{iddle Erstem scttlement in Brit;sh int€rcsts rvhich, by defcnding Turkcy, lvould both deprive Russio of hcr posirion at the Stnits and also makc Egypt a lcss attractivc prospect for Frcnch exploitatior. All this could bc achieved provided Russia $'aswitling to bc drawn into asettlemcnt of Palmcrston,smakins. \l lh. cr,,orn,nt, Russiawas morethan wi irrr. Tl rouel,nurlh.

Ry tosscssion of his lamily indefinitely. 'en tcr days to accept or fticct the ofier. If he htrd not accepted within twenty days, not even Egypt 1r'ould remain his. In addition to tbe EgyPtian provisions, the treoty obligcd thc Sultan to close the Stroits to other than Turkish warships while fttkey was at peace,Unkiar Skclcssiwas already half undone, and Frrncc rlaB alore in o hostile wirld. But the French were still adanunt. Faccd by a hostile four'I fe power challenge, Thiers was able to ivrite on 16 July nothing.

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