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Practice, the Actions According to Dharmasri:21-404 6 One mainly enjoys everything in equalness. Result, the Attainments According to Dharmasri21 4062 and Gyurmed Tshewang Chogtrub:LNTU-ll2* 4 One attains the Great Blissful Body with the four Buddhabodies and five Primordial Wisdoms. Shin-Tu rNal-’Byor) Essence (Ngo-Bo) Dharmasri summarizes:21-wh 5 Atiyoga is a means to liberate the meaning of primordial Buddhahood into its own state, and it is the nature of free­ dom from abandonments and acceptances and expectations and fears.

Of the deities), one pu­ rifies the ordinary apprehension of the appearances as (truly existing) in their own nature (or reality) as stones and earth. By meditating on beings as male and female deities, one purifies attachment to beings as (truly existing) in their own nature (or reality) and abandons attachment to and hatred of them. Phung-Po), elements (Khams) and sources (sKye-mCh’ed as the deities, which is what they are from the primordial state, one obtains many benefits. These include purifica­ tion of the obscurations to the form-body (S.

It is like the basis of all the tantras. (Anuyoga) perfects (the mandala) instantly. It is like the path of all the tantras. Dzogpa Chenpo, which is free from mental phenomena, Is said to be the result of all the tantras. In Mahayoga: Through the miracles of the three contemplations, The power of ultimate nature, the unborn absolute truth, To purify clinging to the world and beings, It [the power] arises as the mandala of the basis [Bud­ dha-fields] and the based [deities], Jigmed Lingpa continues:pz 4b/1 In the great teachings of Anuyoga: From the pure vast womb O f Samantabhadn, the absolute ultimate sphere, Arises Samantabhadra, the intrinsic awareness.

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