Buddhism as an Education by Ven. Master Chin Kung

By Ven. Master Chin Kung

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Perception: An Essay on Classical Indian Theories of Knowledge

This e-book is a defence of a kind of realism which stands closest to that upheld via the Nyaya-Vaisesika university in classical India.

Opening the Wisdom Door of the Madhyamaka School

During this 3rd 12 months of our carrying on with research of Buddhist philosophy, we commence our research of Madhyamaka, the center approach tuition. Madhyamaka is a right away educating at the crucial nature, loose from all extremes. it may be divided into different types: real truth Madhyamaka and observe Madhyamaka. real fact Madhyamaka is absolutely the, inexpressible nature-the mom of the entire positive Ones; be aware Madhyamaka describes this absolute nature.

The path of freedom (Vimuttimagga)

The trail of Freedom, or Vimuttimagga, which serves as a meditation guide, is generally thought of a superb and significant paintings. it truly is just like the trail of Purification, or Visuddhimagga, yet much less analytical and simpler in its remedy of the conventional meditation items. either are commentaries, no longer from the Pali Canon, yet very proper to it, specifically to the element of the Pali Canon referred to as the Abhidhamma which includes the philosophical treatises of the Buddha.

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38. In the grip of their defiled emotions Some there are who even kill themselves: Though we may be destitute of pity, At least we can abstain from anger. O If we all had a choice between happiness and suffering, no one would choose suffering, and there would be no suffering in this 62 39. If those who are like wanton children Are by nature prone to injure others, No use in being angry with them, Like resenting fire for its heat! 40. And if such faults are fleeting and contingent, If living beings are by nature wholesome, It is likewise senseless to be angry with them— As well be angry at the sky for having clouds!

We are prepared to conform to the standards of ordinary people but not to those of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. How miserable! If, for example, a Christian truly loves God, then he should practice love for all his fellow human beings. Otherwise, he is failing to follow his religion: his words and deeds are in contradiction. 127. Reverence for beings will rejoice the Buddhas, Excellently bringing welfare for myself; It will likewise drive away the sorrows of the world, And will therefore be my constant practice.

9. Come what may, then, I will never harm My cheerful happiness of mind. 54 PATIENCE Depression never brings me what I want; My virtue will be warped and marred by it. 10. If there is a cure when trouble comes, What need is there for beingO sad? And if no cure is to be found, What use is there in sorrow? We must make an effort to remain in a relaxed state of mind. Because unless we get rid of this unsettled feeling, it will feed our hatred, causing it to grow and eventually destroy us. Anger is worse than any ordinary enemy.

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