Buddhist Philosophy of Universal Flux: An Exposition of the by Satkari Mookerjee

By Satkari Mookerjee

It is a unfastened translation of 2 Buddhist texts on what's arguably the preferred of all Buddhist conceptions of an excellent global, the "Land of Bliss" of the Buddha Amitabha, the Buddha of endless gentle. the 2 texts, recognized to Western scholars of Buddhism because the "Smaller" and "Larger" Sukhavatiyuha Sutra, clarify the stipulations that result in rebirth within the natural Land and the way within which people are reborn there. The longer of the 2 texts additionally tells the tale of ways the Buddha of endless mild got here to preside over this marvel-filled paradise. either texts describe the format and the wonders of the natural Land, and the preconditions that result in rebirth during this Buddhist paradise. they shape the non secular origin of natural religion that pervades East Asian Buddhism, a doctrine of religion the parallels Western doctrines of grace whereas reflecting a posh historic and doctrinal cross-current of religion, attempt, and visionary faith. every now and then solemn, marvelous, and funny, the money owed mirror the wealthy literary and spiritual mind's eye of India, alternately expressing summary conceptions and extreme feeling deeply rooted within the tradition and trust platforms that gave start to them. all the sutras is translated from Sanskrit and chinese language models to seize the various nuances that separate South Asian and East Asian sorts of natural Land religion. The translator, a number one Buddhist pupil, seeks to make the sutras obtainable to these in simple terms vaguely conversant in Buddhism and Buddhist rules via paraphrasing his interpretation of the textual content rather than echoing the syntax and floor meanings of the resource languages. just like the translations, the accompanying introductions are written for the nonspecialist. the current quantity containing a unfastened English rendering of either sutras can be via imminent volumes that would comprise the unique texts with certain scholarly translations and notes. The Land of Bliss, the Paradise of the Buddha of Measureless mild is the 1st English translation in a century of 2 nice spiritual classics of India and the area.

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And this 4‘permanent ” does not execute its past and future actions during its execution of present action (and consequently does not possess the power for the same). I t is proved beyond doubt that this supposed “ permanent ” has present practical efficiency, but it does not of a surety possess its past and future efficiency. And as co-existence of efficiency and non-efficiency, two contradictory qualities, is not possible in a single entity, the conclusion is irresistible that the present entity is distinct from the past and the future entity and is thus fluxional.

Philosophy was not the fad of intellectual circles that indulged in these metaphysical gymnastics for mere intellectual satisfaction or for the purpose of whiling away their idle hours. It was, on the contrary, the earnest quest of truth and life’s purpose and nothing short of truth could give its votaries peace or satisfy their ardent minds. And the intensity of this craving was not appeased except by a thoroughgoing and meticulous application of the truth to every detail of life. Accordingly no fictitious barrier between religion and philosophy was tolerated.

It is the effect 1 F rom freq u en t references to, and q uotations of opinions of, Trilocana m a d e by E atnakirti in his treatises on M po/m ’ and ‘K s a n a b h a h g a s i d d h i ' it can be legitim ately inferred th a t Trilocana was an author of repute and he m u s t have written either a c o m m en ta r y or an ind ep en dent standard work on N y a y a philosophy. Trilocana It is certainly a pity th a t all his works are lost. profoundly influenced V acaspati That Mi^ra is n o t open to doubt, as the latter has recorded hi6 debt to th e form er in un m istakab le language.

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