C++ by Jeffrey M Cogswell; John Paul Mueller

By Jeffrey M Cogswell; John Paul Mueller

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Select text to delete or change. You can select text in either of two ways: • Point with the mouse at the first or last character you want to select; then hold down the mouse button while you drag the mouse. • Move the cursor to the first or last character you want to select; then hold down the Shift key while you press the arrow keys. ✦ Scroll the text up and down (vertically) or left and right (horizontally) with the scrollbars. The scrollbars work only when there is more text Starting with Main 17 than you can see in the window, just like most other places in the Windows and Macintosh worlds.

Notice this is not in quotes. Therefore we are not saying that we want the strange barely pronounceable word “endl” to appear on the screen. Instead, we’re using a special notation that tells the computer that we want to start fresh on the next line. And if you look at the output, you’ll notice that the words that follow (the message about pressing the any key) are, indeed, on the next line. ” So that’s not so bad after all. Let us recap: ✦ The word cout means you want to write to the console. ) mean the thing that follows is what you want to write.

This is a full program that you can run. Listing 2-1: Creating a Variable #include using namespace std; int main() { int mynumber; mynumber = 10; cout << mynumber << endl; return 0; } Take a careful look at Listing 2-1. Remember that the computer starts with the code inside the braces that follow the word main, and it performs the code line-by-line. Storing Data in C++ Aspect Book I Chapter 2 32 Putting Your Data Places: Variables The first line inside main looks like this: int mynumber; When you declare a variable, the first thing you specify is the type of thing the variable can hold.

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