C++/CLI: The Visual C++ Language for .NET by Gordon Hogenson

By Gordon Hogenson

C++/CLI: The visible C++ Language for .NET introduces Microsoft's extensions to the C++ syntax that let you goal the typical language runtime the major to the center of the .NET 3.0 platform. In 12 no-fluff chapters, Microsoft insider Gordon Hogenson takes you into the middle of the C++/CLI language and explains either how the language parts paintings and the way Microsoft intends them for use. Compilable code samples illustrate the syntax as easily as attainable, and extra tricky code samples convey how the hot syntax could often be used.

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In this particular case (Listing 2-7), the compiler knows that the enum value will never fail to be converted to an unsigned integer. fm Page 19 Friday, October 13, 2006 2:14 PM CHAPTER 2 ■ A QUICK TOUR OF THE C++/CLI LANGUAGE FEATURES Interface Classes Interfaces are not something that is available in classic C++, although something like an interface could be created by using an abstract base class in which all the methods are pure virtual (declared with = 0), which would mean that they had no implementation.

Initialize( /* ... */ ); } } Depending on how important this particular drawback is to you, you might decide that a value type just won’t work. You have to look at the problem and determine whether the features available in a value type are sufficient to model the problem effectively. Listing 2-4 provides an example where a value type definitely makes sense: a Point class. Listing 2-4. cpp value struct Point3D { double x; double y; double z; }; Using this structure instead of the array makes the Atom class look like Listing 2-5.

Programs that run on the CLR virtual machine use a language known as the Common Intermediate Language (CIL). Microsoft’s implementation of CIL is often referred to as MSIL, or just plain IL. The CLR relies on a JIT (just-in-time) compiler to translate the CIL code on demand into machine code in order to execute the program. The CLR virtual machine is Microsoft’s implementation of the Virtual Execution System (VES), which is part of the ECMA standard. As processors change, you need only change the way in which the executable code is generated from the processor-independent layer, and you’ll still be able to run the old programs written for the earlier processor.

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