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CPP source code file-for example, the logical part of the Vector module comprises files Vector. CPP. The two Vector submodules share the same header file, as do the two Matrix submodules. The text describes all these files in detail. 6 REFERENCES AND FURTHER TOPICS Concepts Hardware and operating system manuals and related books C and C++ texts and reference manuals Borland C++ documentation and Library source code Standard C Library references Commercial C++ system software toolkits Mathematical references Other books on C++ scientific and engineering application programming Commercial C++ mathematical software toolkits Mathematical desktop software To do serious scientific and engineering application software development in Borland C+ +, you need to find answers to hardware, software, and mathematical questions that occur constantly.

Several of these, frequently used in MSP, are discussed in this section. II Comments One change that's inconsequential in principle but effective in practice is the introduction of II comments: whatever follows that symbol on a line is a comment. On a crowded publication page, this allows two more characters per comment than the traditional / * ... * / C comments. ) Local Variable Declarations To improve program readability, c++ now lets you declare local variables nearer to where you use them-for example, you can usually write for (int 1 new and = 0; 1 delete <= n; ++1).

Even a modest product such as X(P/ore) can executealbeit slowly-all the algorithms discussed in this book. 2 Software Organization This chapter first presents an overview of the layers of software present and running in your machine when you're executing a C+ + application program. Even a high-level application program will interact with several layers, so you need to become familiar with them. 8 then discuss many new C+ + features that playa role in this book's Mathematical Software Package (MSP).

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