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Mastering Asp.Net with Visual C#

ASP. internet is Microsoft's new expertise for constructing complicated, interactive internet functions. This accomplished advisor takes C# programmers via the entire steps of constructing internet purposes that leverage the complete energy of the . internet applied sciences. It comprises in-depth insurance of server-side programming with ASP.

Practical C++ Programming, Second Edition

C++ is a strong, hugely versatile, and adaptable programming language that permits software program engineers to prepare and strategy info quick and successfully. yet this high-level language is comparatively tough to grasp, whether you know the c language. The second version of useful C++ Programming is a whole advent to the C++ language for programmers who're studying C++.

C++ Toolkit for Engineers and Scientists

This e-book describes the layout, building, and use of a numerical research software program toolkit. it is written in C+ +, model 2. zero, and makes crucial use of that language's Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) beneficial properties. Its improvement setting is the Borland foreign, Inc. , Borland C++ compiler, model five.

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NET platform architecture supports such applications. NET, allows programmers to build Web documents that respond to client requests. To enable interactive Web pages, server-side programs process information users input into HTML forms. NET. NET also provides enhanced visual programming capabilities, similar to those used in building Windows forms for desktop programs. Programmers can create Web pages visually, by dragging and dropping Web controls onto Web forms. NET, Web Forms and Web Controls, introduces these powerful technologies.

Computers work with data in the form of binary digits, or bits, which can assume the values 1 or 0. Computer circuitry performs various simple bit manipulations, such as examining the value of a bit, setting the value of a bit and reversing a bit (from 1 to 0 or from 0 to 1). Operating systems, test-equipment, networking software and many other kinds of software require that programs communicate “directly with the hardware” by using bit manipulation. NET Framework provides. Some Notes to Instructors Students Enjoy Learning a Leading-Edge Language Dr.

NET components. • XML Documentation. Documenting program code is crucial for software development, because different programmers often work on an application during the software’s lifecycle, which usually includes multiple versions and can span many years. If programmers document software code and methods, other programmers working on the application can learn and understand the logic underlying the code, thus saving time and avoiding misunderstandings. NET provides an XML tool for C# programmers.

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