C Programming by Tony Royce (auth.)

By Tony Royce (auth.)

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In ANSI C, an unsigned int is guaranteed to hold a value from 0 to 65535. and a signed int variable to hold a value from -32767 to +32767 but, on a more powerful computer, the compiler may provide a larger space for ints and a wider range of values can be stored . 2 int num4; unsigned int num5; signed int num6; An int may also be specified as short or long.

Salaries in a firm are - managers - 25000, supervisors - 18000, clerks 15000. Use enum to define suitable symbolic constants to represent these figures; set up a data type - salaries and a variable salary and use these in a program which will allow a user to key in a code for the type of employee and display the wage for the week. 2. Use enum to define the measures of distance YARD = 1, CHAlN = 22, FURLONG = 220, MILE = 1760; set up a data type called measure_oJ-distance and a variable called length_oJ-road; the length of a particular road is 1 mile.

6 for (day = SUN; day <= SAT; day++) printf( "%d\n", day); will display the numbers I to 7 down the screen. pieces 2*KNIGHT + 2*ROOK + QUEEN 40 8*PAWN + 2*BISHOP + Enumeration may be used to set up an integer data type (or a memory space) restricted to the values represented in the list. S enum days_ot_week {SUN = FRI, SAT}; 1, MON, TUE, WED, THU, sets up a new data type called days_oJ-week which consists of any of the numbers 1 to 7 (represented by the symbolic constants listed). This data type may then be used to allocate storage space to hold any of these values.

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