C Programming: Just the Faqs by Paul S.R. Chisholm, David Hanley, Michael Jones, Michael

By Paul S.R. Chisholm, David Hanley, Michael Jones, Michael Lindner, Lloyd Work

This article is designed for commencing to intermediate point clients who desire a speedy, easy-to-use C reference. As an instructional for novices and a reference for knowledgeable programmers, it exhibits code concepts and the recommendations at the back of them. The accompanying disk beneficial properties resource code and executable models of the instance courses, indicates tips to use the interval to resolve realworld programming difficulties, and discusses strategies reminiscent of finite kingdom machines, GREP, bit twiddling, tokenized parsers and mini-interpreters.

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Answer: There are two situations in which to use a type cast. The first use is to change the type of an operand to an arithmetic operation so that the operation will be performed properly. 12, the following listing should look familiar. The variable f1 is set to the result of dividing the integer i by the integer j. The result is 0, because integer division is used. The variable f2 is set to the result of dividing i by j as well. However, the (float) type cast causes i to be converted to a float.

The next two statements are illegal because they modify the data pointed to by str. Pointers to const are most often used in declaring function parameters. For instance, a function that counted the number of characters in a string would not need to change the contents of the string, and it might be written this way: my_strlen(const char *str) { int count = 0; while (*str++) { Chapter II • Variables and Data Storage count++; } return count; } Note that non-const pointers are implicitly converted to const pointers when needed, but const pointers are not converted to non-const pointers.

Answer: There are several reasons to use const pointers. = 0 */ { /* some code here */ str++; } in which the = sign is a typographical error. Without the const in the declaration of str, the program would compile but not run properly. Another reason is efficiency. The compiler might be able to make certain optimizations to the code generated if it knows that a variable will not be changed. 21 22 C Programming: Just the FAQs Any function parameter which points to data that is not modified by the function or by any function it calls should declare the pointer a pointer to const.

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