Chandrakirti's Sevenfold Reasoning: Meditation on the by Joe Wilson

By Joe Wilson

This rationalization of Chadrakirti's presentation of the seven fold reasoning is predicated at the rationalization present in the transparent "Exposition of the presentation Tenets, a stunning decoration for the Meru of the subduer's educating" composed by means of Jangkya.

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Merely by power of thought, then you will easily understand the conception which is the opposite of that, the conception of true existence. The way in which phenomena are established merely through the power of thought is like the way in which a snake is imputed to a rope. Just as there is no snake which can be found among the parts of the rope, or as the collection of the parts of a rope, so with an I which is imputed to the aggregates or a chariot imputed to its parts. Neither the aggregates taken separately, nor the continuum of former and later moments of the aggregates, nor the collection of the aggregates, are to be taken as an example of an I.

The essential of realizing that the phenomenon imputed does not possess its bases of imputation, 8. The essential of realizing that the phenomenon imputed is not the mere collection of its bases of imputation, 9. The essential of realizing that the phenomenon imputed is not the shape of its bases of imputation. There is an implicit 10th essential which follows from the practice of the other nine, that of realizing the non-inherent existence of the phenomenon imputed. In the case of the conventionally existent self, or mere-I, and the aggregates of its own continuum, the mereI is the phenomenon imputed and the aggregates are its bases of imputation.

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