Chemistry Experiments for Children by Virginia L. Mullin

By Virginia L. Mullin

Little ones can observe very important ideas of recent technology by means of engaging in those fascinating experiments. acceptable for grade schoolers and teenagers, this illustrated quantity explains the language of chemistry and lab innovations. greater than forty experiments comprise turning out to be a crystal backyard, production oxygen, making a miniature volcano, making cleaning soap and toothpaste, and extra.

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Filtering. Some of the contaminants in water are solid, inanimate particles. These don't necessarily make people sick, but they are unpleasant. If you live 36 near the Mississippi River, for example, you would certainly not want to drink its water in the springtime. Then it is full of small dirt particles and is muddy. In a laboratory, solid particles can be separated from a liquid by using filter paper. In a large town or city, however, sand and gravel beds are used to filter out solids from the water.

Heat the test tube over the alcohol burner until the liquid boils. Now place 2 teaspoonfuls of plain water in a fresh test tube and add an equal amount of Benedict's solution. Heat the test tube over the alcohol burner until the liquid boils. Results: When you boiled the sugar solution with Benedict's solution added, it turned brick red. The color of the plain water with Benedict's solution added 54 stayed the same when you boiled it. Benedict's solution provides a chemical test for sugar. When you add it to a solution containing sugar and boil the two together, the liquid turns brick red.

But when you allowed the mixture to stand, the water and oil soon separated, and the oil came to the top. The alcohol and water seemed to act like the grape juice and water. That is, they mixed with each other easily. However, there was one big difference. Two pints in this case did not make I quart. Some liquids when put together form mixtures, just as some solids do. Neither one of them changes chemically or physically. This is what happened to the water and the juice. When liquids behave this way, they are said to diffuse, and they are called miscible.

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