Chinese Newspaper Readings by Chih-Ping Chou

By Chih-Ping Chou

Articles in regards to the US from the mainland chinese language paper People's day-by-day. Articles are in either simplified and standard chinese language characters, with vocabulary used on the finish of every. No translation supplied.

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1421: The Year China Discovered America

On March eight, 1421, the most important fleet the area had ever noticeable set sail from China to "proceed the entire method to the ends of the earth to gather tribute from the barbarians past the seas. " while the fleet back domestic in October 1423, the emperor had fallen, leaving China in political and financial chaos. the good ships have been left to rot at their moorings and the files in their trips have been destroyed. misplaced within the lengthy, self-imposed isolation that used to be the data that chinese language ships had reached the USA seventy years sooner than Columbus and had circumnavigated the globe a century prior to Magellan. and so they colonized the United States ahead of the Europeans, transplanting the relevant financial vegetation that experience when you consider that fed and clothed the realm.

Secret of a Thousand Beauties

The simplistic writing variety in the beginning positioned me off. i used to be approximately to provide it up a couple of 3rd of how via however the tale rather held my curiosity so I persevered after which I grew to become extra intrigued because it spread out and I'm completely satisfied I caught with it. The writing appeared much less simplistic and extra descriptive because it went on and we see China of the 1930's at the cusp of switch.

China in War and Revolution, 1895-1949 (Asia's Transformations)

Supplying ancient insights necessary to the knowledge of latest China, this article offers a nation's tale of trauma and progress in the course of the early 20th century. It explains how China's defeat by Japan in 1895 brought on an explosion of radical reform proposals and the start of elite chinese language disillusionment with the Qing executive.

Narrative of a Recent Imprisonment in China after the Wreck of the Kite

Narrative of a contemporary Imprisonment in China after the break of the Kite (1841) is an autobiographical account, written through the service provider sailor John Lee Scott, of his 'shipwreck and next imprisonment within the Celestial Empire' in 1840, through the First Anglo-Chinese or so-called 'Opium' struggle. In 8 chapters, Scott describes leaving South Shields within the Kite, 'a appealing brig of 281 plenty' for Singapore that allows you to 'carry shops to the British fleet destined for China'.

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HestudieSChineseliteramrebuthehaSn>teVenheardOfLuXun. 2)速锐菇的自由也没有’遗簇什磨民主? Thereisn,tevenheedOmofSpeech’howcantherebedemocracy? 5·A比B(妥)SγNum.倍AisNum.timesmore/1ess山anB *兑童看雹影比成人妥多雨倍° 1)每年到迄兄来旅游的人比迫兑的居民要多五倍. Everyy巴ar’thenumberofpeoplewhoComeheretOvaCanOnisHve timeSmOrethanthOsewholiveher巳 • 2)迄家商店的束西比超级市塌的妥贵好线倍° ThingsinthjSstOrearequitea陀wtimeSmOreexpenSivethanmOSe inSupe∏narketS· 6A和/跟/舆B之间be…enAandB 麓中小挚生遣不含厘别“需妥典欲望′,、‘‘惯格典惯值”之圈的 不同。 1)我打算在墅挺绅跟新年之阎到南方去一趟. 38 Se‖ectiO】】3 IplantomakeamptOthesouthbetweenCh∏StmasandNew Year’S.

EmplOyeeSonly|) 3.封…退行+VerbalNoun(disyllabic)toconduct(aseriousacti`′ity) *劳工部最近封全囤三千多佃…行棠退行稠查° 23 Se‖ectiOn2 1)迄所挚校用各梗方式封季生退行教育。 ThiSSchOOluSeSVariOuSmethOdstOeducatetheStudents。 2)雨国领等封一些曼方都嗣心的重大阉题巡行了衬翰。 TheleadersofthetwOCOunmeSdiScuSSedSOmeimpOrtantissuesthat im´OlVedbomCOunmeS· 4.按…=(按)照…accordingto… *按美囤的物惯指敦衡量是岛朴最低收入。 1)按政府的规定’惟俯童工是非法的。 AccOrdingtOgOVemmentregulatiOnS’ChildlabOriSillegal.

ACcOrdingtOSomeStanSncS’aSmanyas200’000peopleinMiamihave guns。 2)一佃美国私立大皋的擎生一年的花费逢雨葛美元之多° AstudentatanAme∏canpnvatecOllegespendSaSmuchasmenty • thouSanddolla晤ayear° 2.此外’…inaddition;besides *…比外’逮有五十六名教萍因管教品行不端的季生而被毒打。 1)他靠在圆害储工作的线交皋费’此外’他遣在饭铺打工。 HepayShiSOwnmitiOnbywOrkinginthelibrary;inaddition’healSo wOrkspa∏≡timeinareStauran[ 2)他的兢争能力使他得到了迄佃横食此外’他也靠了朋友的帮助。 HegOtthisOppOrtunitybecausehecompeteSverywell;inaddinon’help hOmhishiendswaSalSOamctor° 3)他常常因精神紧张而睡不着党’此外’遣常常做惠萝. HisnervOusdiSpositiOnO∩encauSeShimtolOSeSleepatnight;italso causeShimtOhavenighmareS.

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