Chromosomal Aberrations: Basic and Applied Aspects by M. E. Drets, G. A. Folle, F. J. Monteverde (auth.),

By M. E. Drets, G. A. Folle, F. J. Monteverde (auth.), Professor Dr. Günter Obe, Professor Dr. A. T. Natarajan (eds.)

Chromosomale Mutationen sind eine der m|glichen Ursachen f}r Ver{nderungen der Erbinformation. Neben grunds{tzlichen As- pekten, wie Reparaturmechanismen der Zelle oder Ursachen von Chromosomenver{nderungen, werden angewandte Aspekte, z.B. Chromosomen als Testindikatoren der Toxizit{t, behandelt.

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6 Poly-ADP-Ribosylation System: a Protein Shuttle Mechanism in Chromatin? . . . . . References . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 22 23 23 26 27 27 29 1 Introduction The poly-ADP-ribosylation system of higher eukaryotes is thought to modulate chromatin functions. The molecular mechanism of this presumed action is unknown (for review see Althaus and Richter 1987).

Mutat Res 177: 149-160 Darroudi F, Natarajan AT (1989a) Cytological characterization of Chinese hamster ovary X-ray sensitive mutant cells xrs 5 and xrs 6. VII. Complementation analysis of X-irradiated wild type CHO-Kl and xrs mutants using premature chromosome condensation technique. Mutat Res 213: 249-255 Darroudi F, Natarajan AT (1989b) Cytogenetical characterization of Chinese hamster ovary X-ray sensitive mutant cells xrs 5 and xrs 6. III. Induction of cell killing, chromosomal aberrations and sister chromatid exchanges by bleomycin, mono- and bi-functional alkylating agents.

Exchanges were also classified as interchanges (between different chromosomes), interarm exchanges (between different arms of the same chromosome), and intraarm. The intra-arm exchanges were classified as dot deletions, sister unions, and proximal-distal interchromatid exchanges (see Fig. 2). The numbers of the different types are shown in Table 1. The dose-yield relationships for interchromosomal exchanges and intrachromosomal exchanges is shown in Fig. 3. 0032/Gy2. Clonogenic survival of cells irradiated in G 2, with and without colcemid treatment, is shown in Fig.

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