Coastal Ocean Prediction by Christopher N. K. Mooers

By Christopher N. K. Mooers

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Published by means of the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Coastal and Estuarine reviews Series.

Coastal Ocean Prediction is being released in the course of a interval while operational coastal ocean prediction platforms are rising in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North the US. a few of these platforms are associated with actions of the worldwide Ocean looking at method, subsidized by means of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic fee, global Meteorological association, United countries Environmental software, and the overseas Council of medical Unions. the worldwide Ocean watching procedure is itself an emergent software of model?]based operational (i.e., continuous and governmentally sanctioned) tracking with coastal ocean, in addition to absolutely international, parts.


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Thompson(1984) suggestedthat the Leeuwin Current is driven by alongshore stericheightgradientsat the shelfedge,a conclusion supported by Weaver and Middleton'snumericalresults. Theseauthorsusedan idealisedrepresentation of the coastalgeometryand shelf topographyof westernAustralia,and considereda limited area domain (see Figure 4) with closedmodel boundaries. The model was initialised with a stateof rest,but with a temperature andsalinityfield that variesonly in the northsouthdirectionand is representative of the easternIndian Ocean.

The generalconclusionis that threedimensionalnumericalmodels with a free surfaceare capableof simulatingtides, currents andsalinityintrusionwith fair accuracy; the accuracy should,of course,improve with improvedcomputerresourceavailabilityandmodelresolution. Figure 5 shows an exampleof the POM modelappliedto the DelawareBay and river systemby GalperinandMelior (1990a,b). The figureshowsplanviewsof the 25 hour averagedsalinityat the surface(left column)and the bottom(right column)for Julian Days 185, 188, 204 and 210 in 1984.

Nihoul et al. describean applicationto the Northern Bering Sea. GG refersto the long-time-scale,density-stratifiedshelf model of Greatbatchand Goulding (1992). This model has proveduseful for idealisedmodel calculationsin a shelf region (see Greatbatch,Pal and Ren, 1995). The model solves the frictional planetarygeostrophicequations (that is, the local time derivativesand nonlinear advectionterms are dropped from the momentumequations,but vertical mixing of momentumis retained),and is suitablefor modelinglong-timescale(greaterthan a few weeks) variability in a shelf region.

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