Collected Papers on Buddhist Studies by Padmanabh S. Jaini

By Padmanabh S. Jaini

During this quantity, a spouse to the author`s amassed Papers on Jaina experiences, twenty-nine of his articles, encompassing a few 40 years of analysis on numerous elements of Buddhism, were introduced jointly for the 1st time. They disguise quite a lot of themes together with comparative reports with Jainism, issues of controversy inside of Abhidharma, the Bodhisattva profession of Maitreya according to narratives from the Jatakas and Mahayana Sutras, and choices from Buddhist ritual texts.

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Perception: An Essay on Classical Indian Theories of Knowledge

This publication is a defence of a sort of realism which stands closest to that upheld by way of the Nyaya-Vaisesika college in classical India.

Opening the Wisdom Door of the Madhyamaka School

During this 3rd yr of our carrying on with research of Buddhist philosophy, we start our learn of Madhyamaka, the center means college. Madhyamaka is a right away educating at the crucial nature, loose from all extremes. it may be divided into different types: real fact Madhyamaka and notice Madhyamaka. actual truth Madhyamaka is absolutely the, inexpressible nature-the mom of all of the successful Ones; note Madhyamaka describes this absolute nature.

The path of freedom (Vimuttimagga)

The trail of Freedom, or Vimuttimagga, which serves as a meditation handbook, is widely thought of an outstanding and significant paintings. it truly is just like the trail of Purification, or Visuddhimagga, yet much less analytical and more effective in its therapy of the conventional meditation items. either are commentaries, now not from the Pali Canon, yet very correct to it, in particular to the element of the Pali Canon referred to as the Abhidhamma which incorporates the philosophical treatises of the Buddha.

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Here he studied Tibetan and Chinese, which opened for him a vast field of research. In 1893 he became a Professor at the University of Ghent, where he worked for about 35 years and carried on his studies in Buddhism, particularly in Sarvastivada Buddhism. In 1921 he organized the Societe beIge d'Etudes orientales. Under the title Bouddhi5me: Notes et Bibliographie, he published learned reviews of new books on oriental subjects. He also directed the editing of Melanges chinois et bouddhique-s, to which he contributed several valuable articles on the Abhidharma.

High Priest Sumangala, the Principal of the Vidyodaya College, Colombo. On his return he was appointed Principal of the famous Government Sanskrit College at Calcutta, where he carried on intensive research in Indian-particularly Buddhist-logic and philosophy. c. Das), parts of the Lailkavatara-sutra, Kaccayana's Pali grammar with an English translation (1907), the Buddha-stotra-sangraha (1908) and the Nyayabindu (1917). His greatest contributions were in the field of logic. He wrote several learned articles dealing with the works of Dignaga and Nagarjuna.

Bhuiijamaniina1{l kma va~~o pasidati~ Sa1{lyuttanikiiya, I, p. 5. Pali Text Society. 1888. II. l2. I. , paccuppan_ yapmti IeTUJ va~~o pasidati. Ibid. aka (Mahiivagga). I, pp. 15-18. See note 19 above. See Vyasa's Bhi#ya on Pataiijali's Yogasutra-s iii. , Piitaiijala·Yogudarsanam (pp. 14). Bharatiya Vidya Prakashan. Varanasi, 1963. 34. l, TUJ-y-ito bhiyyo. TUJ kho panaha". l. l pitu Sakkassa kammante siliiya jambucchiiyiiya nisinno vivicc' eva kamehi vivicca ahusalrhi dhammehi STATES OF HAPPINESS IN BUDDHIST HETERODOXY 25 savilakka7{l saviaira1{l vitH'llIlja1{l pilisukha7{l palhama7{l jhiina7{l upasampajja uillOritii.

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