Collected Works 10 - A Light To Yourself by J. Krishnamurti

By J. Krishnamurti

In those talks, given in Europe and India, Krishnamurti is going into the significance of going into difficulties brazenly, with no conclusions. "..because we process our difficulties in part, via a lot of these a number of varieties of conditioning, it sort of feels to me that we're thereby no longer realizing them. i think that the method of any challenge is of even more value than the matter itself, and that if shall we process our many problems with none specific type of conditioning or prejudice, then possibly we'd come to a basic realizing of them."

An vast compendium of Krishnamurti's talks and discussions within the united states, Europe, India, New Zealand, and South Africa from 1933 to 1967—the gathered Works were rigorously authenticated opposed to latest transcripts and tapes. every one quantity features a frontispiece photo of Krishnamurti , with query and topic indexes on the end.

The content material of every quantity isn't constrained to the topic of the identify, yet relatively bargains a different view of Krishnamurti's awesome teachings in chosen years. The accumulated Works deals the reader the chance to discover the early writings and dialogues of their so much whole and genuine shape.

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I feel that if we can approach this inquiry with a mind that is not conditioned, that is not held, bound by the past, then there is a possibility of understanding, of seeing and feeling something which is not merely the outcome of the conditioned centre. But most of us live and work from that centre, which is the residue of all human experience, both individual and collective, and therefore all new experience is bound to condition our thinking further. The mind never goes beyond its own conditioning, and that is why it is never free.

Krishnamurti: You mean to say you have no conclusions? - that there is life after death, that you are Swedish, that your friends are like this or like that, that experience has led you to a certain point, that there is a God, or no God, and so on? We are a mass of conclusions, are we not? And from this background we judge, we look at and evaluate life. Your conclusions are based on your experiences, and on the conventions of society which the collective has impressed upon you; and you are thinking from these conclusions.

So, can we go into this matter? Is it possible for us to find out together whether the mind can break through all this accumulation, which we call knowledge, experience? Can the mind also be free of the urge for further experience, which is really the pursuit of sensation, and thereby make itself new, fresh? Surely it is only the fresh, uncontaminated mind that is free to observe and discover for itself if there is something beyond its own creations. In discussing all this, please do not treat me as an authority.

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