Continental and Oceanic Rifts by G. P?lmason

By G. P?lmason

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Published via the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Geodynamics Series.

During the previous decade of the foreign Geodynamics software many guides facing particular rift components of the Earth's floor have seemed. such a lot of them symposia that have been held within the respective rift zones. one of the rifts hence handled are the Rhinegraben, Afar, Iceland, the Baikal rift, the Oslo paleorift, the Rio Grande rift and the lifeless Sea rift. additionally, guides facing experiences of the sea ground have mentioned many oceanic rift components.


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The character of these faults in the experiments, (applicable to the Rio Grande and Oslo grabens) shown schematically in Figure 4. Far more common than strike slips is the zigzag pattern of normal faults in rift valleys, recognized by Krenkel (1925) in his pioneering study of the African rifts. A similar angular pattern with lozenge-shaped criss-cross faulting occurs in extensive tensional terrains such as the Basin and Range (Donath, 1962) and the Afar depression (CNR-CNRS Afar Team, 1973). In these cases there are four sets of normal faults arranged in pairs with common strike and opposite dip.

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