Crito by Plato

By Plato

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Zv p,r] hia^epei, eirraTe Kal KOivjj p,eTa ^ojKpdTovs aKeijjaade, hihovTes re TTacheveadai. eT€pcov. dAA' opdre el hoKeZ XP'fjvai E ovTco TTOieZv. 'Q Avaip,axe, hoKeZs pot chg dXrjdcos HcoKpaTTj TTarpodev yLyvcooKeiv p,6vov, avro) S' ov avyyeyo- Nl, ^ Lit. e. " on a large instead of a small piece of work, in — LACHES succeeded in changing, by your care of them, from knaves to honest gentlemen. " There, Lysimachus, demand that from these good persons, and do not let them off. LYS. To my mind, good sirs, these remarks of but it is for you, Nicias and Socrates are excellent Laches, to decide for yourselves whether it suits you to be questioned and offer some explanation on For I and Melesias here would cersuch points.

Rexvix)S to Aeyo- Kara fievov Xeyere ovv, rl tovtcov t] V7Tdpx€Lv TC Kal TTpoarjKeiv, rj ov (j^are.

And we say that our present subject is an for the sake of young men's accomplishment studied souls f NIC. Yes. So what we have to consider is whether one skilled in treatment of the soul, and is able to treat it rightly, and which of us has had good soc. of us is teachers. LACH. But I say, Socrates, have you never noticed 29 ; PLATO StSacTKoiXcov rexi^iKOJTepovs yeyovoTas els evia r^ {xera hihauKoXoyv 2n. "Eycuye, c5 Adxy]S' ots ye av ovk av ideXois Tnarevaai, el (fiaXev dyadol elvai SrjfxiovpyoL, el fxtj ri aoL rrjs avTcov rexvrjs epyov exoiev einhel^aL ev 186 elpyaajxevov , /cat ev /cat TrXeici}.

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