Cross-Scale Coupling in Space Plasmas by James L. Horwitz, Nagendra Singh, James L. Burch

By James L. Horwitz, Nagendra Singh, James L. Burch

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Published by means of the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Geophysical Monograph Series.


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AndB. , 8, 1253, 1981. FluidsB, 5, 2646, 1993. mechanismandthe relationshipof the mechanisms to each other.

1988; Seyler, 1990]. Another feature of the evolution is to generate steep density gradients and associatedlocal velocity shear due to nonlinear convective effects. As shownin the simulationsof the KH instability[seeFig. , 1994b], the initial density gradient is convected by the waves and locally steepened. These steepeneddensitystructuresremain quasisteadyover the time scalesassociated with the low frequencywave. As the scalesize of the densitystructuresbecomecomparableto or smallerthan an ion gyrodiameter,an ambipolarelectric field is self-consistentlydeveloped.

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