Debugging with GDB: the GNU source-level debugger by Richard M. Stallman, Roland Pesch, Stan Shebs

By Richard M. Stallman, Roland Pesch, Stan Shebs

Stallman R.M. Debugging with gdb.. the GNU source-level debugger (FSF, 2000)(ISBN 1882114779)

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You may have requested too many hardware breakpoints and watchpoints. This message is printed when you attempt to resume the program, since only then gdb knows exactly how many hardware breakpoints and watchpoints it needs to insert. When this message is printed, you need to disable or remove some of the hardwareassisted breakpoints and watchpoints, and then continue. ” Some processor architectures place constraints on the addresses at which breakpoints may be placed. For architectures thus constrained, gdb will attempt to adjust the breakpoint’s address to comply with the constraints dictated by the architecture.

A call to fork or vfork creates a new process. The mode can be: parent The original process is debugged after a fork. The child process runs unimpeded. This is the default. child The new process is debugged after a fork. The parent process runs unimpeded. ask The debugger will ask for one of the above choices. show follow-fork-mode Display the current debugger response to a fork or vfork call. If you ask to debug a child process and a vfork is followed by an exec, gdb executes the new target up to the first breakpoint in the new target.

6 [Break conditions], page 41) that depends on the value of id, you can stop your program when a specific exception is raised. You can use multiple conditional breakpoints to stop your program when any of a number of exceptions are raised. 4 Deleting breakpoints It is often necessary to eliminate a breakpoint, watchpoint, or catchpoint once it has done its job and you no longer want your program to stop there. This is called deleting the breakpoint. A breakpoint that has been deleted no longer exists; it is forgotten.

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