Development Administration in the Caribbean: Independent by Judith-Ann Walker (auth.)

By Judith-Ann Walker (auth.)

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Between 1952 (when commercial mining of bauxite was first undertaken by Reynolds Metal Company) and the late 1960s, Jamaica grew to be the world's largest producer of bauxite. Quarrying and mining were the main activities taking place in Jamaica; greater value-added, in the form of alumina and aluminium production, took place in North American centres to which this commodity was exported. With 49 per cent of Jamaica's export merchandise trade dominated by bauxite in the 1960s, this sector was particularly significant in the Jamaican economy.

Unemployment and rapid popUlation growth were seen as the biggest problems facing the small island state. The context of these problems was a small dependent economy heavily reliant on petroleum, and to a lesser extent sugar and asphalt exports. The 1958-62 First Five Year Development Plan (The Peoples' Charter) and the 1964-68 Second Five Year Plan proposed to solve these problems through government support of a private sector-led development programme in manufacturing and tourism. Government set itself the task of providing the physical and legal infrastructure required for economic growth.

The system was expanded substantially at all levels. Secondly, they secured international assistance for Jamaican education from such multilateral agencies as UNESCO and the World Bank and from bilateral agencies as USAID and CIDA. Thirdly, they helped to galvanize public support for early childhood education through basic schools. (1989: 212). In T&T, education reforms were informed by the PNM's anti-colonial philosophy coupled with Williams's personal and academic interest in the education system.

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