Devils Tower - Black Hills Alkalic Igneous Rocks and General by Frank R. Karner

By Frank R. Karner

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Published via the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Field journey Guidebooks Series.

Looming up as a depressing ridgeline at the western simple, paha sapa, the Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming are a jewel of the USA, precious by means of the local American, the white explorer, the frontiersman, the cowboy, the gold prospector, the miner, the camp follower, the settler, the businessman, the vacationer and in addition the geologist. historical past, folklore and legend are as conspicuous as outcrops for the geologist who travels the Black Hills. The Black Hills is a microcosm of geology.


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8 Minnekahta Limestone (Permian)? 2 Opec he Formation (Permian) red shale and sandstone? 1 Minnekahta Limestone (Permian)? 4 STOP 2. VIBV 01' PALEOZOIC STRATIGRAPHIC SBQUIBCE. The canyon formed by entrenched meanders of Rapid Creek exposes Paleozoic strata dipping about 6° to the east. The red-brown Deadwood Formation (Cambrian-Ordovician) of sandstone, dolomite, conglomerate and shale is overlain by the massive gray Madison Formation (Mississippian) which in turn is overlain by the red and yellow Minnelusa Formation (PennsylvanianPermian).

385 and 16. 0 Custer Jcn. Hwy. 16 and Hwy. 385 and 16. Turn ri&ht (vest) on Bwy. L. 4 Jcn. Hwy. 385 (south) and Hwy. 16. Continue west on Hwy. 16. 9 Tourmaline-bearing pegmatite exposed in road cut on right (north). 7 Pleasant Valley Rd. 7 Harry Mills Picnic Ground. 3 Comanche Park Campground. 1 Tin Mountain Rd. (287). Turn ri&ht (north) on Tin Mountain Rd. 1 Gravel Road. Turn right (east) on gravel road. 5 STOP 5. TIB MOUBTAIR PEGMATITE HIRE. The Tin Mountain pegmatite is an excellent example of a spodumenerich, zoned pegmatite of the southern Black Hills.

O S o u t h Dakota School of Mines and Technology on r i g h t . 1 STOP 6. SOUTH DAKOTA SCHOOL OF HInSBTECm0LOGY:GEOLOGYWSEIJPI. 1 R e t u r n t o B w . 7 9 . turn left follow in^ Hain S t r e e t (west). o Alex Johnson H o t e l . , r e s o u r c e p o t e n t i a l and g e o l o g y of t h e Black H i l l s N a t i o n a l F o r e s t , South Dakota and Wyoming: U. S. G e o l o g i c a l Survey B u l l e t i n 1580, 135 p. S. G e o g r a p h i c a l and G e o l o g i c a l Survey of t h e Rocky Mountain Region, p.

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