Diplomatics in the eastern Mediterranean 1000-1500: Aspects by Alexander Daniel Beihammer, Maria G. Parani, Christopher

By Alexander Daniel Beihammer, Maria G. Parani, Christopher David Schabel (Eds)

Within the politically and militarily advanced international of the medieval japanese Mediterranean humans and entities of alternative ethnic, non secular and linguistic backgrounds got here into shut touch at many alternative degrees.

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15 On these ofÀcials, see Jacoby, “The Greeks of Constantinople,” nn. 31–36. On the partition, see above, pp. 28–29. 32 david jacoby Gallipoli peninsula had been divided in 1204 between Venice and the Latin emperor, presumably Baldwin I. The Venetians abandoned the region in February 1206 under the pressure of the invading Vlacho-Bulgarian armies. Venice recovered most of its assets after the withdrawal of these forces in the same year, yet imperial and Venetian ofÀcers could not agree about the precise boundaries of Venice’s possessions.

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