Dissecting Regulatory Interactions of RNA and Protein: by Marvin Jens

By Marvin Jens

The paintings defined during this e-book is a wonderful instance of interdisciplinary learn in platforms biology. It exhibits how thoughts and methods from the sector of physics might be successfully used to reply to organic questions and stories on a unique method concerning artistic computer-based analyses of high-throughput organic info. some of the findings defined within the booklet, that are the results of collaborations among the writer (a theoretical scientist) and experimental biologists and among assorted laboratories, were released in top quality peer-reviewed journals equivalent to Molecular mobilephone and Nature. although, whereas these courses tackle diversified facets of post-transcriptional gene law, this booklet offers readers with an entire, coherent and logical view of the study venture as an entire. The advent offers post-transcriptional gene law from a different attitude, highlighting features of data conception and evolution and laying the foundation for the questions addressed within the next chapters, which drawback the rules of the transcriptome because the fundamental practical provider of lively genetic information.

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Dissecting Regulatory Interactions of RNA and Protein: Combining Computation and High-throughput Experiments in Systems Biology

The paintings defined during this e-book is a superb instance of interdisciplinary examine in platforms biology. It indicates how techniques and techniques from the sector of physics might be successfully used to respond to organic questions and studies on a singular technique regarding inventive computer-based analyses of high-throughput organic information.

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