Advanced Formal Verification by Rolf Drechsler

By Rolf Drechsler

Advanced Formal Verification exhibits the newest advancements within the verification area from the views of the person and the developer. international major specialists describe the underlying equipment of modern verification instruments and describe quite a few eventualities from business perform. within the first a part of the booklet the middle concepts of contemporary formal verification instruments, reminiscent of SAT and BDDs are addressed. additionally, multipliers, that are recognized to be tough, are studied. the second one half provides perception in specialist instruments and the underlying technique, equivalent to estate checking and statement dependent verification. ultimately, analog parts need to be thought of to deal with entire method on chip designs.

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Let N1 and N2 be Boolean circuits to be checked for equivalence. At the first step of this conversion, a circuit M called a miter [3] is formed from N1 and N2 . The miter M is obtained by 1) identifying the corresponding primary inputs of N 1 and N 2 ; 2) XORing each pair of corresponding primary outputs of N 1 and N 2 ; 3) ORing the outputs of the added XOR gates. So the miter of N 1 and N 2 evaluates to 1 if and only if for some input assignment a primary output of N 1 and the corresponding output of N 2 evaluate to different values.

A conjunction of clauses is called a conjunctive normal form (CNF). 11 Given a CNF F , the satisfiability problem (SAT) is to find a value assignment to the variables of F for which F evaluates to 1 (also called a satisfying assignment) or to prove that such an assignment does not exist. A clause K of F is said to be satisfied by a value assignment y if K(y) = 1. If K(y) = 0, the clause K is said to be falsified by y. 12 ADVANCED FORMAL VERIFICATION The standard conversion of an equivalence checking problem into an instance of SAT is performed in two steps.

The sequence of points p1 ,p14 ,p13 ,p12 forms a path from p1 to p12 . Indeed, it is not hard to check that Nbhd(p1 , g(p1 )) = {p2 , p14 }, Nbhd(p14 , g(p14 )) = {p13 , p1 }, Nbhd(p13 , g(p13 )) = {p14 , p12 }, Nbhd(p12 , g(p12 )) = {p13 , p11 }. e. p1 ) is contained in the set Nbhd(p , g(p )) where p is the preceding point. 23 Let F be a CNF formula. A point p is called reachable from a point p by means of a transport function g : Z(F ) → F if there is a path from p to p with the transport function g.

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